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Make a Lasting Connection with Someone You Love with Permanent Jewelry from Michelson’s!

Bracelets On Wrist 

At Michelson Jewelers, we now offer permanent jewelry that is custom fit to your wrist or ankle. Choose from our different yellow gold chain options or bracelet designs that can be converted. Find the perfect piece of jewelry to have permanent friendship bracelets with your best friend, mom, cousin, or anyone you cherish.

Choose Your Style of 14K Gold ChainMIC Permanent Jewelry Service

With three different 14K gold chain options to choose from, we offer permanent bracelets or anklets that are lightly welded, stylish, and elegant.

Make a Stylish Bracelet Design Permanent

Not sure you want a gold chain as your piece of forever jewelry? Choose a stylish bracelet design from our cases, and chances are we’ll be able to remove the clasp and make it a permanent style for you!

Keep a simple but gorgeous piece of permanent jewelry on you at all times to add an extra accent to your everyday look.

Are you ready to add an extra accent to your wrist or ankle? Please book an appointment with us by calling (270)-443-9200. Our team at Michelson Jewelers would be happy to apply your precious new permanent




What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is one of the leading trends in the jewelry industry today. Claspless chain jewelry goes through a unique welding process so the design stays on your wrist for as long as you desire! If there ever is a moment where you’d like to take the jewelry off, permanent jewelry can be easily removed with scissors.

What is a Permanent Jeweler?

A permanent jeweler is an expert jeweler who is equipped to use specialized welding tools to create lightly welded jewelry. If you're looking to get permanent jewelry, we recommend you stop in and see one of our specialized jewelers here at Michelson Jewelers who can help you in the process!

Why Are People Getting Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is essentially the ultimate adult friendship bracelet. It's the perfect way to share a special connection with someone you care about, whether you are near or far from each other.

Permanently welded jewelry is also a great way to add a bracelet to your daily look. You don't have to worry about it being a jewelry design that easily breaks and stretches as you wear it.

What Types of Jewelry Can I Choose From?

You can choose to make most types of 14 karat gold chain jewelry made into a permanent design, and we have several chain styles to choose from right here at Michelson’s! Popular permanent jewelry trends that we’re seeing are items that can be worn as lightly welded bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.

How Permanent is Permanent Jewelry?

Your permanent jewelry stays on for as long as you'd like it to. Permanent jewelry can be easily removed with scissors or a special tool from your local jeweler.

Another positive characteristic of permanent jewelry is that it can easily be cleaned, polished, and maintained. If for some reason your permanent design comes apart with daily wear, it can be easily rewelded and added back into your daily attire!

How Do You Care For Permanent Jewelry?

The best way to care for your permanent jewelry is to clean your jewelry with warm water and dish soap like Dawn to remove any oil, dirt, or grime. If you feel your jewelry could use some extra cleaning, our team at Michelson’s can remove your bracelet or chain jewelry and have it professionally cleaned and polished, and then reweld it and return it back to you!

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