Diamonds: Natural vs. Lab-Grown

Michelson Jewelers’ Position: The Choice is Yours!

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At Michelson Jewelers, we’re proud to be the Tri-States’ oldest and largest jeweler; having served our clients’ fine jewelry needs for over 115 years. We’ve seen many changes and innovations through the years, with the latest being the introduction of ‘Lab-Grown’ or ‘Man-Made’ Diamonds.

What Are Earth-Mined, Natural Diamonds?

Earth-mined diamonds are rare, beautiful, and everlasting gifts from mother nature created over billions of years, miles within the center of the earth. This rare and nearly indestructible gift of nature has made natural diamonds the world’s ultimate symbol of love, commitment, and adornment.
Natural diamonds have been ‘the’ coveted symbol of love since Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned the very first diamond engagement ring for Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Natural diamonds do have sustainable worth, historically increasing in value annually for centuries. Each of our ’natural diamonds’ offered at Michelson Jewelers is conflict free and sourced from the Kimberley Process (ethically and environmentally sustainable).  

What is a Lab-Grown Diamond?

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Lab-Grown diamonds are created in a lab and have the same chemical, physical, and optical features as natural diamonds. Even though lab-grown diamonds abide by the same clarity grades, diamond certification regulations, and are graded by their cut, carat, color, and clarity like their natural-mined diamond cousins, they are not 100% identical as differences may be identified with advanced grading instruments. 

Lab-grown diamonds are not “new” by any means, however, in the last two decades, their prominence and sales numbers have steadily grown. Lab-grown diamonds are typically referred to by a few different names; man-made diamonds, lab diamonds, lab-created diamonds, lab-made diamonds, and synthetic diamonds.

What is the Difference Between Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds?

Scientifically speaking, a lab-grown diamond is indeed a real diamond, it is just created or grown in a laboratory versus being made miles within the center of our earth, taking millions of years to create.  Although similar in composition and optical brilliance, let’s take a look at some details in which natural vs. lab-grown diamonds are different.

How Natural and Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Formed

Lab Grown Diamonds%3Don TableNatural diamonds are formed over the course of millions and millions of years. It starts when pure carbon is trapped deep underground. The carbon is then condensed under tremendous pressure. The intense pressure combined with large amounts of heat results in natural diamonds, the beautiful and rare gemstones that are widely sought after today by jewelry professionals and buyers like you.

Lab-grown diamonds are created in laboratories using specialized machines that replicate the process that is seen in natural diamonds. In these facilities, diamonds can grow in just a few days to weeks! 

Remember that in the production of lab-grown diamonds, the process requires a tremendous amount of energy and heat. Therefore, they are not as environmentally friendly as many claim them to be.

Differences in Cost

A Lab diamonds’ price is considerably less than a ‘natural’ diamond, as their supply is limitless, consequently allowing you a much larger diamond size for your budget. These ‘man-made’ diamonds are not rare, therefore their value to resell or trade up is practically nonexistent.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Vs Natural Diamonds… The Choice is Yours!

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In conclusion, we believe ‘Natural’ diamonds are a true miracle of nature, older than life on this planet. They best symbolize your commitment to love, while representing the security of investment, however, we respect your decision to purchase what’s best for you and are happy to assist you in finding the perfect diamond that best suits your lifestyle and budget. 

There is no right or wrong answer to which diamond you should purchase. Both natural and lab-grown diamonds offer brilliant beauty and durability. Additionally, both make great center stones or accent stones for the next piece of jewelry you’d like to add to your collection.

Lab-Grown diamonds offer our clients a choice. In conclusion, please take these three most relevant facts into consideration:

  1. The cost for ‘Lab-Grown’ or ‘Man-Made’ diamonds is much less than for natural diamonds. You can purchase a ‘Lab-Grown’ diamond twice the size of a ‘Natural Diamond’ for the same cost.
  2. Is your fiancée okay with not having a nature-made diamond?
  3. Realize your purchase will not offer a return of value if your future desire is to sell or to trade in. Actually, the unlimited supply and technological advancements will continue to cause prices to decrease. 

We look forward to working with you and presenting our wide selection of both natural diamond and lab-grown diamonds as well as answering any questions you may have. 

Are you looking to buy a lab-grown diamond? Maybe it is a high quality natural, earth-mined diamond you’re on the search for? Feel free to give us a call at (270) 443-9200 or schedule an appointment with one of our experienced jewelry professionals so we can give you the personal time and attention that you deserve!

Lab Diamond vs Natural Diamond… The choice is yours, and we at Michelson’s will guide and assist you in helping to choose which diamond option is best for you!  

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